Welcome to the Avalanche of Light, a private HQ at ASPACE Poblacion in Makati. Lots of natural light, and great for a team of 3-5 people. Check availability below.

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What's included?

  • A private lockable workspace at one of our Neighbourhood Hubs
  • Membership to Rehub, our private members club for Punk Dolphins like you
  • Access to all Hub amenities such as meeting rooms, Zoom rooms, gardens, and studios.
  • Personal and team storage
  • Desks and/or other work surfaces such as standing desks
  • Ergonomic chairs (or sofas, beanbags...)
  • Layered lighting for ambience and tasks
  • Interior design for Decor, cute accessories, plants, and your branding and story (or mantra)
  • Custom climate control (aka air conditioning units with a remote)
  • Fresh air (we actually have windows that open and gorgeous ceiling fans to keep it fresh inside)
  • Secure building access for Members-only using a fancy app or key card
  • Optional serious stuff like business registration, recruitment support, legal and financial services...
  • Optional experience stuff like a Nespresso machine, Smart screen for casting and Zoom calls, full-duplex IP cameras for remote teams, parking, team photo shoots and catering
  • Friendly and supportive staff, the Amplify and Thrive programs, connections, straight talking, advice, and love.

What's the difference between an office and HQ?

Most offices suck, but our private HQs make people fall in love. Our designers will get you efficiency and minimalism, or guide you into cosy and eclectic. You get ergonomic seats and a desk or a standing desk, or bean bags and a sofa. Your choice.

We'll add your mantras or artwork to the wall, and set-up a Nespresso or a smart screen if you want. It's your brand, your space: we just do all the work so that you and your team love it as much as you'll love the rest of our Hub (which is also yours btw).

In short, your private HQ is the extension of your brand and ambition; your workspace is the entire Hub and all the gorgeous amenities therein. An office... well, an office is what other people use.

How many people can I fit into my workspace?

More than you think because a private HQ is your private lockable space, but the entire Hub is at your disposal.

You'll get a specific number of Memberships linked to the size of your room. This gives you and your team access to all Hub amenities, unchaining them from the desk, and giving you way more space to work and create. Remember, your private HQ is just your lockable space — the entire hub is your workplace.

Pre-covid the density of office space could be as low as 1.5 SQM per person (although we wouldn't recommend it). Entrepreneurs with a big-desk fantasy could occupy 5-10 SQM each. Smart design, split shifts, and access to the Hub will allow you to maximise the space for your team, have room to grow, and still avoid the kind of "cubicle crowding" that is beloved by the office space industry (but not us).

What's the total pricing for workspace?

All of the prices are consistent across our Hubs, we don't charge deposits (because we trust you and we know you have better things to do with the funds than tie them up). You simply pay monthly in advance.

Specific prices are in the booking app and always transparent. You won't have to "email us for a secret price" — that sucks. Just browse online, book online, and chat to us if you need something special or if you want us to walk you through the process. We're here to help.

Do you offer discounts?

We treat commitment in the same way you do — the more you put in, the more we'll give back.

Longer deals get our best rates and full-on Love, shorter deals get our affection and support. If we are investing in new amenities (meaning you can't use them today), we'll discount your rates without you asking.

If you are a start-up in the social impact space then we'll come up with terms that work for you. Again, you don't need to ask, we are already on it! Payment in advance means you can ignore deposits (yay, free up that cash!).

How much is the deposit and set-up fee?

What's a "set-up fee"? We've seen that before and can't figure it out, so you won't get charged any miscellaneous costs like that with ASPACE. There might be a reservation payment if you are booking a long way in advance (so that we can truly reserve it for you!) but that's just a portion of your monthly cost.

Oh, and no deposits. Just don't rockstar-trash the room when you leave!

Capital expenditure for most workspace options is zero — we'll have everything you need to start working. We'll personalise your space for longer-term deals as part of your onboarding with us and any special requests can usually be spread over your contract lifetime rather than spent all at once.

What's the location like?

We only choose amazing boutique locations that are less-corporate than the usual concrete and starsucks choices beloved of other office space providers.

Offices suck, so do many downtowns. We opt for central, creative, and desirable locations, in buildings which prioritise your human experience (not administrative efficiency). And although each of our locations have their own soul, we all share the dependable ASPACE DNA.

You'll always find plants, friendly people, fresh air, nooks, and creative space.

What's the difference between you, my own office, and other coworking spaces or serviced offices?

As the pioneers of creative coworking hubs in the Philippines, we've been helping our Members thrive longer than anyone else.

You'll have the ASPACE Advantage. That's what led you here, to read more about us, after checking out the lovely reviews on Google and Facebook, or popping-by to chat to one of our smart and friendly Fam (team members), or following a conversation with one of our many Spacers (customers) who love us as much as we love them. We're all on a mission to save the planet, one smart idea or cool conversation at a time.

Usually we are not only incredible value for our Members, we are also are much more affordable in the first 18-24 months than trying to go it alone — no deposit, no capex, no dramas. Ask us to prove it: CFO to CFO.

Like you we are taking Covid seriously.

We value the expertise and commitment of our frontliners and medical researchers, and we support their focus completely. Like you we also have a job, and that is to focus on the future, rebuild our communities. We do this by empowering smart teams create jobs and power the economy. Sitting this one out isn't an option.

All of our physical spaces are maintained by a team of experienced Roadies, you’ll find plenty of personal space, lots of fresh air, complete cleanliness, and personal wellbeing a core part of what we do for you, and for ourselves. We’ve always believed in green and nature as a metric for happiness, because traditional hermetically-sealed offices suck and standing in line for an elevator each day is no way to rock the only life we have.

Six ways we rock the post-Covid experience:

  1. Finding fresh air is a breeze. We only choose buildings with real windows, and natural airflow. No hermetically sealed labs, thanks.
  2. We've always encouraged taking the stairs at our boutique hubs. Elevator life is not for us.
  3. Our workplace density has always been about personal space and never about cramming humans into cubicles. Stretch out.
  4. Flexible design is part of our DNA. We've been creating custom workspaces for ever, and if you want one minimalist room with a single hyperbaric chamber, we can (probably) do that.
  5. We encourage you to unchain yourself from the desk, spend time in our gardens, nooks, gallery, and café. All expertly maintained by a team that cares about us all (not just a confused guard with a thermometer at the door...).
  6. Testing and symptoms checking is part of our current operations procedure, and you'll find instant support for any emergency.

Step up, we’re here for you.

Your new HQ: the Astbury, corner Orion + Mercedes, Poblacion, Makati