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You. Me. Us. We care. Maybe that's our magic sauce, maybe we'll save the planet.
We invent, we think, we get involved, we have an opinion, we love, and we try really hard to keep our ideas thriving + our teams happy, to keep the wheels of innovation + impact spinning.

We aren't the only ones. Pretty much everyone you'll meet via ASPACE feels the same. We call them the innovation community, a global tribe of awesome shapers, our very own Punk Dolphins.




You can read what people say about us all over Google, Facebook, Instagram etc etc. What you really wanna know, is what we secretly think about you. Ok, you might not want to know, but listen in just for a bit of fun. 

Our communities

The independent Arts community in Manila + Cebu is dynamic, and thriving, even with fewer resources and often unfairly matched against the more mainstream and commercial.

You’ll meet curators, photographers, musicians, writers, artists of all disciplines, and performers with varied styles – at our events, at their events, and as Members of A SPACE.


The local Arts community participate, rain or shine, they are hosting events, performing, curating, sharing and often collaborating. Our centrally located arts space and continued support for this community means that we understand their needs and can support the desire to focus on quality, to increase the reach and enhance the messages. Again and again we see tremendous exhibits, focused workshops, and attend superb productions.


1. Collaborate on or Produce amazing events at A SPACE and elsewhere, 2. Choose flexible Lounge coworking passes, 3. Be found in a studio or gallery, 4. Have two jobs


We are all creative at A SPACE, and yet some of our members make it their entire mission – as graphic designers, industrial designers, interior designers, creative support services, UX or UI specialists, writers and publishers, design thinkers and planners.

We’ve some creative teams expand rapidly from a few people to their own massive space; we’ve seen others establish their solo practice and collaborate with freelancers as needed; others we’ve seen pop in to talk at events or collaborate with our Membership.


This diverse community of Creatives all require the ability to focus and to access resources and talent when needed. They are often in demand by other community members, and we see some teams grow rapidly and other teams keep in small n' smart. They like our "no poaching" rules to keep recruitment fair, and they are the most visible contributors to our artistic events and experiences.


1. Use the bean bags or Gravity Chairs, 2. Borrow the 3D printer, 3. Book out the Artisan Room, 4. Grow and shrink their team depending on current projects


Even if we skip lunch and wear a cheap vintage t-shirt to work, our Food + Lifestyle community will constantly reminded us how things should be: tasty and alive!

Our event spaces often look great or smell sarap (delicious) as we juggle food tastings or fashion mixers, private dining workshops or lifestyle talks.


You'll notice that the food and lifestyle community are often hosting great events, encouraging participation of the wider community, and experimenting with ideas and collaborations. They often work non-standard hours and make good use of our event spaces, especially the Labs. We tend to see teams like this start as passion projects of a small group and grow organically.


1. Book out the Kitchen or other event space, 2. Have tasty treats or tickets to the coolest events, 3. Participate in Labs and workshops, 4. Need space with special requests (e.g. a large fridge or clothes storage)


We are all happy geeks at A SPACE, and our Tech community here in Manila and Cebu is thriving. You’ll meet many of our talent tech players at hackathons and talks, mixers and workshops.

Our _CAMPspace is focused on providing a launchpad for tech teams, and every ASPACE is built around the best tech we can afford, plus the right kind of support.


Tech talent underpins pretty much every business today, so we see some tech teams expand rapidly with a focus on MVPs or funding, and others focus on their own contracted projects and new app ideas. They tend to embrace our "no poaching" policy which ensures headhunters and other community members recruit fairly. Tech teams also tend to work extended hours and like our ergonomic chairs, fast data and knowledgable support team.


1. Ask for a dedicated pipe with VPN and a separate SSID, 2. Participate in our hackathons, 3. Wear headphones even if they aren't playing music, 4. Start with a Club seat and grow to a Private HQ


Commercial, cozy + cool, Makati City is home to our headquarters at ASPACE Greenbelt, our Poblacion project at Astbury, and the beautiful _CAMP along Chino Roces — plus a gazillion superb locations to live, work, gather + grow.

Makati’s central business district surrounds the Ayala Park, with Salcedo Village, Legazpi Village, and Greenbelt areas on each of the three sides. With direct access to the airport skyway, superb transport links, and diverse neighbourhoods such as (Poblacion, San Antonio Village, Glorietta) for shopping and lifestyle, it remains the most vibrant creative and commercial hub in the metro of Manila (yes, still beating “new city” BGC into second place).

Locate here to send the biggest success signal and for the most reliable infrastructure
Metro Manila area, aka Ayala Center, Legazpi Village, Makati CBD
Central, prestigious location opposite Greenbelt 5
Major retail + entertainment center
Beware major traffic bottlenecks around Salcedo Village
Skyway access to airport minutes away
Diverse, affordable lifestyle options
Real estate prices among the highest in Manila
Fast internet provision direct to our Space
Close to Ayala Park

CHINO ROCES aka pasong tamo

So good they named it twice? Chino Roces is a long road and district, the quieter and less bustling brother of Makati's Central Business District but still only a 15 minute walk.

Pasong Tamo is now named “Chino Roces Avenue” and is also referred to as “Don Bosco Area”. The prominent road runs to the north of Makati City and extends to Taguig City.

Fringe location of Makati, very accessible to the Central Business District areas of Makati as well as Fort Bonifacio City.

“Media strip” – long street with two names known for advertising and creative industries
Metro Manila area, aka “Chino Roces”, “Don Bosco area”
We are located at the Makati CBD end of the street, not the “Extension”
Warehouse neighbourhood with gentrification and “cool hunter” appeal
At the Extension end beware seasonal flooding + traffic bottlenecks
Skyway access to airport minutes away
Good transport, affordable
Affordable real estate for growing teams
Fast internet provision direct to our space
Our creative neighbours include advertising agencies (such as Saatchi) and furniture and home development companies (Wilcon). Also known as “Chino Roces”, “Don Bosco area”.

Crossroads Cebu is a lifestyle center in Banilad, Cebu featuring a selection of homegrown and firsts in Cebu retail, food, art, and entertainment establishments.
Crossroads Cebu’s focus is to contribute to creative economy’s growth in the city by showcasing some of the best local brands alongside art, design, and craft showroom-gallery spaces in a work-play community.

Locate here to access creative workforce, lower operating costs and “smaller city” living
Metro Cebu area, known as Crossroads in Banilad
Creative / hipster neighbourhood 10 minutes away from IT Park and Ayala Center
Diverse lifestyle options as neighbours
Affordable real estate for collaborative community
Fast internet provision direct to our Space
Generally less traffic than in Manila, lower average living costs, Grab + Uber available
Easier access to outdoor activities and watersports than in Manila


The city of the 21st century? The Fort or Bonifacio Global City is the former home of our _STUDIO Fort location, the first coworking space in the city. 

We pulled our business in 2018 as the rates continue to skyrocket, the community is more commercial than creative. If you are a shark who dreams of an elevator life, the corner office, and a bottle of Dom every night, then you'll probably love it. 

Located in between the cities of Makati and Taguig, known to be the financial district and the home of Manila’s passionate minds. BGC is surrounded by different malls, restaurants and bars catering to the walking wallets/consumers. 

It does however have great infrastructure, a private security force that roams around looking for suspicious folk, and lots of the more commercial, family events.