Our Molave neighbourhood hub is named after an endangered tree, and yet contains plenty of innovators and talented minds for the future. Home to the amazing warehouse-style workspace, _CAMP Chino Roces, you'll be on the creative fringe of Makati's central business district.

* our neighbourhood hubs combine spaces to live, work, gather, and grow,
aligned with other community stakeholders and with human experience and ethical practice at our core.


  • Central and Boutique

    Healthy boutique buildings with character in neighbourhoods with soul, staffed by friendly, smart, and connected Crew.

  • Gorgeous amenities

    Fast wifi, stylish nooks, gardens, gallery, café, service, parking, meeting, storage, studios…

  • Fair and transparent pricing

    All inclusive pricing, no deposits*, no capex, flexible terms, minimal small print, and love.

  • Dedicated space or Drop-in

    We have private offices, suites, and floors. Plus a private members club with drop-in creative lounges.

  • 24/7 access for Members

    Bio-metric access all day every day for Members, daylight access or by-appointment for Guests.



Like you we are taking Covid seriously.

We value the expertise and commitment of our frontliners and medical researchers, and we support their focus completely. Like you we also have a job, and that is to focus on the future, rebuild our communities. We do this by empowering smart teams create jobs and power the economy. Sitting this one out isn’t an option.

All of our physical spaces are maintained by a team of experienced Roadies, you’ll find plenty of personal space, lots of fresh air, complete cleanliness, and personal wellbeing a core part of what we do for you, and for ourselves. We’ve always believed in green and nature as a metric for happiness, because traditional hermetically-sealed offices suck and standing in line for an elevator each day is no way to rock the only life we have.

Step up, we’re here for you.

Molave, 2231 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati

Q & A

Are you looking for workspace? Retail? F&B? Meet or event space? Specialist content production studios? Ask us and we’ll have instant answers. If it’s workspace, are you looking for yourself or a team? For a regular spot or just a flexible drop-in?

If it’s just for you and you want to work alongside other small smart teams, then ask about Dedicated Coworking; if it’s flexible, then ask us about our private members club, Rehub. If it’s for your team, then the size of your team and how they work matters to your final options — ask us about Private workspace.

All business like ours base our costs on the price we pay for local real estate, and that’s on a per square meter basis. The fancier the building, the more in-demand the neighbourhood, the higher the base price. Our prices are inclusive of everything you need in the box. Most advertised prices elsewhere are per square meter for a bare shell, an empty box, exclusive all everything you need in the box to work.

The main advantage for ASPACE over your own space is time and money — we have workspace success all figured out, so you don’t need to spend capital and time learning the curves yourself.

These types of space are usually booked for days or hours. A meeting room for example — good for 6 people — is about ₱800 in Manila. A week at our private members club, Rehub, will cost you ₱1,000, and an annual subscription would only set you back ₱2,500 a month! As a final example, a day using our 150SQM Gallery or production studio would be around ₱30,000.

Booking for a day, or dropping-by to say hello is easy — choose Rehub and pay an affordable rate. For those needing an amazing place to call home, we treat your commitment in the same way you do — the more you put in, the more we’ll give back. Longer deals get our best rates and full-on Love, shorter deals get our affection and support. Payment in advance means you can ignore the traditional deposits.

What’s a set-up fee? We’ve seen that before and can’t figure it out, so you won’t get charged any miscellaneous costs like that with ASPACE. There might be a deposit for longer-term commitments although payment in advance will negate that. Just don’t rockstar-trash the room when you leave! Capital expenditure for most workspace options is zero — we’ll have everything you need to start working. Plus we’ll personalise your space for longer-term deals as part of your onboarding with us. Only white label spaces have some capital costs.

We only choose amazing locations that less-corporate than the usual concrete and starsucks choices beloved of other office space providers. Offices suck, so do many downtowns. We opt for central, creative, and desirable locations, in buildings which prioritise your human experience (not administrative efficiency). And although each of our locations have their own soul, we all share the dependable ASPACE DNA.

You’ll have the ASPACE Advantage. That’s what led you here, to read more about us, after checking out the lovely reviews on Google and Facebook, or popping-by to chat to one of our smart and friendly Fam (team members), or following a conversation with one of our many Spacers (customers) who love us as much as we love them. We’re all on a mission to save the planet, one smart idea or cool conversation at a time. We aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve read this far don’t you think you should say hello in the chat below? Usually we are not only incredible value for most of our Members, we are usually much more affordable in the first 18-24 months that trying to go it alone. Ask us to prove it.

Now what?

Save yourself some time, start a conversation right now.

When we are awake, we’ll answer your chat on this page. When we are asleep, you’ll leave us a message. Always humans, no bots. We know our spaces, our availability, and all of the solutions that have ever worked for Punk Dolphins like you.

Say hello on this page now or connect with us below.

Karen G, Business

Karen G, Business

Head of Business

Matt M, Founder

Matt M, Founder

Founder & Group CEO