In the heart of Makati you'll find a private members hub with five floors of office space, rooftop gardens, two cafés, a gallery, studios, space to eat or drink or nap, meeting lounges, play rooms, knowledgeable crew, and a friendly vibe.

One price, inclusive, no deposits. Join some of the smartest teams in the country — 2021 is going to be wild.

No deposits, no drama,

just five floors to connect + create.





  • Central and Boutique

    A healthy boutique building with character in a neighbourhood with soul, staffed by friendly, smart, and connected Crew.

  • Gorgeous amenities

    Fast wifi, stylish nooks, gardens, gallery, café, service, parking, meeting, storage, studios…

  • Fair and transparent pricing

    All inclusive pricing, no deposits, no capex, flexible terms, minimal small print, and love.

  • Dedicated space or Work anywhere

    We have private offices, shared workspace lounges, plus rooms, cafés, nooks, niches, and gardens.

  • 24/7 access for Members

    Exclusive, limited access via bio-metric — all day every day for Members.

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Soft-launch pricing until December 2020.
Memberships include 24/7 access to five private floors with workspace, gardens, studios, nooks, cafés, a gallery, wine lounge, craft beer bar, deli, and amazing service. Your fellow Members are entrepreneurs, creatives, and impact professionals, plus the smart teams they work with. This is the office, completely reimagined.

Chat to us for the quickest response, or apply below.

  • Get in touch

    You’ll need to talk to us at some point, and we are friendly and no hard sales ever. We get to know you and your needs to ensure that we are a fit for each other. There are plenty of office spaces out there, but only one ASPACE.

  • Membership accepted or referred

    We have a limited number of available Memberships. If we are unable to accept your Membership for whatever reason we will inform you within one business day and help you find an alternative solution.

  • Choose your Membership type

    You’ll choose an individual or a team Membership. Both types work the same except team Memberships have consolidated billing and can be transferred to a new team member (e.g. if someone leaves the team and you re-hire).

  • Choose your Membership duration

    At the moment we offer Membership for 6 and 12 month durations, starting in January 2021 or the end of GCQ, whichever comes first. Access to the hub starts immediately and we won’t count GCQ months as part of your duration — bonus!

  • Customise

    Choose any options such as private offices (subject to availability), dedicated space in our shared coworking club (subject to availability), and bundled services to help you thrive.

  • Announcement + Access

    Once your application is approved and your payment received, our friendly crew will onboard you with access, and announcements to our other Members. We’ll invite you to various activities, and commence any services that you have pre-booked. After that, do what you wanna do!

Like you we are taking Covid seriously.

We value the expertise and commitment of our frontliners and medical researchers, and we support their focus completely. Like you we also have a job, and that is to focus on the future, rebuild our communities. We do this by empowering smart teams create jobs and power the economy. Sitting this one out isn’t an option.

All of our physical spaces are maintained by a team of experienced Roadies, you’ll find plenty of personal space, lots of fresh air, complete cleanliness, and personal wellbeing a core part of what we do for you, and for ourselves. We’ve always believed in green and nature as a metric for happiness, because traditional hermetically-sealed offices suck and standing in line for an elevator each day is no way to rock the only life we have.

Six ways we rock the post-Covid experience:

  1. Finding fresh air is a breeze. We only choose buildings with real windows, and natural airflow. No hermetically sealed labs, thanks.
  2. We’ve always encouraged taking the stairs at our boutique hubs. Elevator life is not for us.
  3. Our workplace density has always been about personal space and never about cramming humans into cubicles. Stretch out.
  4. Flexible design is part of our DNA. We’ve been creating custom workspaces for ever, and if you want one minimalist room with a single hyperbaric chamber, we can (probably) do that.
  5. We encourage you to unchain yourself from the desk, spend time in our gardens, nooks, gallery, and café. All expertly maintained by a team that cares about us all (not just a confused guard with a thermometer at the door…).
  6. Testing and symptoms checking is part of our current operations procedure, and you’ll find instant support for any emergency.

Step up, we’re here for you.