There’s always something going on at ASPACE. We open new spaces to live / work / gather / grow / shop, we launch new projects + programs with our Members + Communities, we experiment with technology, we collaborate, initiate, and sometimes we get around to updating the website to share it all.

No deposits, no drama,

just amazing space to connect + create.

  • Central and Boutique

    Healthy boutique buildings with character in neighbourhoods with soul, staffed by friendly, smart, and connected Crew.

  • Gorgeous amenities

    Fast wifi, stylish nooks, gardens, gallery, café, service, parking, meeting, storage, studios…

  • Fair and transparent pricing

    All inclusive pricing, no deposits*, no capex, flexible terms, minimal small print, and love.

  • Dedicated space or Drop-in

    We have private offices, suites, and floors. Plus a private members club with drop-in creative lounges.

  • 24/7 access for Members

    Bio-metric access all day every day for Members, daylight access or by-appointment for Guests.

Creds, community

+ advantage

  • How big is your team?

    Most of our Members consider the team size they have now, and the team they’ll have within a year. Choose the best option below to see the available rooms.

  • Choose your vibe

    Are you a social brand or a quiet operation? Do you love that natural light or does it just make your the screen glare? Add/remove some options to narrow or expand the available rooms.

  • Dive deep into your room choice

    Click on your room choice for more photography, details, prices, and availability for your specific dates.

  • Save your screen time

    You get the idea, so save your screen time and just start a chat. We’ll do the search and shortlisting for you, answer your questions, and maybe give you access to rooms not yet updated on the site.

Like you we are taking Covid seriously.

We value the expertise and commitment of our frontliners and medical researchers, and we support their focus completely. Like you we also have a job, and that is to focus on the future, rebuild our communities. We do this by empowering smart teams create jobs and power the economy. Sitting this one out isn’t an option.

All of our physical spaces are maintained by a team of experienced Roadies, you’ll find plenty of personal space, lots of fresh air, complete cleanliness, and personal wellbeing a core part of what we do for you, and for ourselves. We’ve always believed in green and nature as a metric for happiness, because traditional hermetically-sealed offices suck and standing in line for an elevator each day is no way to rock the only life we have.

Six ways we rock the post-Covid experience:

  1. Finding fresh air is a breeze. We only choose buildings with real windows, and natural airflow. No hermetically sealed labs, thanks.
  2. We’ve always encouraged taking the stairs at our boutique hubs. Elevator life is not for us.
  3. Our workplace density has always been about personal space and never about cramming humans into cubicles. Stretch out.
  4. Flexible design is part of our DNA. We’ve been creating custom workspaces for ever, and if you want one minimalist room with a single hyperbaric chamber, we can (probably) do that.
  5. We encourage you to unchain yourself from the desk, spend time in our gardens, nooks, gallery, and café. All expertly maintained by a team that cares about us all (not just a confused guard with a thermometer at the door…).
  6. Testing and symptoms checking is part of our current operations procedure, and you’ll find instant support for any emergency.

Step up, we’re here for you.

We kicked this project off in 2011 with a personal mission to make the office less sucky. They say we pioneered coworking in the Philippines. We say great, yay for us, next.
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Talks and film, music and exhibits, workshops and launches, hackathons and mixers. If you have to work in an office all day, then awesome should absolutely come to you.
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Our Communities, or Punk Dolphins as we sometimes call them, rock our world with their ideas, energy, and commitment to innovation. We support their impact daily; they reciprocate.
All you need is One.